„Respectfully you put your skis into the snow. The sight is widely. Mesmerized from the beauty you just standing there. You take a deep breath, cold air are filling your lungs. In front of you, a hillside with untouched powder …”

Freeride Days

„The mountain, the skies, the crystal clear air – just the noise of the wind in the ears. The feeling of freeride skiing is just amazing. The snow wraps a cloak of silence over the mountains. Your turns create high snow clouds in the air …”

Ski Clinic

“A natural way to get a better skitechnik; „Freeriding, also called off piste skiing, are skiing outside the groomed slopes and controlled skiareas …”

Ski Touring

“Silently we draw our tracks in the snow. The only thing we here ist our breathing and the wisp of wind. The walking on skis  is like meditation. We are on a skitour. The summit in front of us are untouched, we are the first ones. Just a small last climb up to the summit …”

Heli Skiing

“„Where do we stowe our skis and backpack? How do we sit in the helicopter? How do we get in the helicopter and who is getting out first? Who is closing the door? An answer of all this questions you will get from your mountainguide before you start the first flight in the helicopter …”

The Story

“Let us tell you the Story how Bengt Lundberg became dr. snow. In the beginning he had leather boots and skis made out of wood. Go to this site and experience the entire story about dr. snow. Infos & details to the history of a Swedish skiing legend …”



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